Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Playable Demos Round-up (v1.5+)

Play demo 1 »
Play demo 2 »
Play demo 3 »
Play demo 4 »
Play demo 5 »
Play demo 6 »
Play demo 7 »

left arrow = rotate anticlockwise
right arrow = rotate clockwise
up / down = thrust
CTRL / space = fire

In-game commands
P = pause
S = sound on/off
Q = quit

This is a list of all of the playable demos of Flashteroids 1.5+. These are not in order of difficulty, and represent only half of the levels in the full game. There will be some tweaks made to these levels in the final version.

There will not be any more demo releases but expect the full game within a week. Following that I'll be making a new version of the (currently awful) flashteroids.com website. Watch the blog for updates!


Blogger antonio said...

nice game, it reminds me the Spectrum's jet pack


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