Saturday, April 01, 2006

New level

Well I've just spent a few hours testing this one out and it's one of the most fun yet. It can be completed in around 35 seconds once you get all your turns worked out – assuming you manage to avoid all the missiles, that is. There's a bank of three missile launchers that fire at different intervals. So sometimes you have to deal with three at once.

I've also improved the appearance of the missile thrust trails. Everything in-game in Flashteroids is based on Flash's frame rate and missiles correct their angle (so they point towards you) once every four frames. If they did this on every frame they'd turn four times tighter and would be much harder to escape from. However this interval was leading to small gaps in their thrust trails whenever they turned sharply.

The angle is now calculated on every frame for the thrust trail but only updates the missile's trajectory once every four frames. The effect: much more aesthetically pleasing smooth thrust trails. Hey these things are important, right?


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