Monday, February 20, 2006

Flashteroids 1.5+ upgrade progress

Well, it’s already proving slightly more complex than I thought but I made some progress on FTR1.5+ tonight. Here you can see one of the new levels that I finished designing last week. The plan was to create a couple more of them tonight but then I realised that there were yet more game features to be ported across from the CD version.

Because it’s written in horrible old Flash 5 none of the code is Object based or modular so it involves digging around hidden corners of the main Flash movie to remember where a particular bit of code is hidden.

Anyway, excuses excuses...

Here are the new features when compared to the long-serving v1.2:
  • Seven new maps, 14 levels. That’s each map with and without defences. Position of targets and your base also differs.*
  • Ability to temporarily disable missile launchers and gun emplacements by shooting them.
  • Shields mean bullets do not destroy you on impact. You have two shields then the third impact destroys you. Full shields are replaced with a complete refuel. Missiles still destroy you regardless of shields status.*
  • Missiles have smoke trails.
  • Improved explosion / crash graphics.
  • Improved appearance of in-game items (ship, base, missiles etc):

  • Slightly different menu appearance. I’m not going to spend much time redesigning the game menu system because it’s just an upgrade and I want to get onto Flashteroids 2 as soon as possible.

Items marked with an asterisk* are yet to be completed

If you have any ideas for improvements please suggest them via comments on this blog!


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